Student Infromation System (Sisweb)

Welcome to the University of California, Davis student information system on the Web.

Registered students: You can use SISWEB to enroll in classes, adjust your class schedule, view and print your class schedule, print your unofficial academic record, change your address, view your account, view your financial aid status, and much more.

Prospective Undergraduates: Check SISWEB for your application status using your Prospective Student UC Davis ID.

Prospective Graduates: You can apply for Graduate Studies or check the status of your application.

NOTICE: SISWeb will be down for maintenance this Saturday, August 17th. SISWeb will be available starting Sunday, August 18th.

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To access the SISWEB system you will need your UC Davis LoginID and corresponding password. Information on the campus computing account is available from Information and Educational Technology, which manages the accounts.

The SISWEB system is normally available 24 hours a day, except from midnight Friday through 10 a.m. Saturday. Registration activity (enrolling in classes, or adding, or dropping, etc.) can only occur during times you are eligible (see the Office of the University Registrar site for more information).

PLEASE REMEMBER, especially if you are using a public terminal, to exit/quit the browser when your are finished. This will help protect the security of your personal information.  Do not use the forward/back buttons on your browser unless specifically directed to.

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